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I was thinking of making like a budget render farm as I do quite a bit of 3D animation & modelling. I was thinking of doing something like this I was wondering if anyone would know how much this would roughly cost to setup. I think the setup on the site uses linux but I assume you could also use Windows.

I would also use the rig for a lot of other stuff like file conversion and that sort of stuff. :)
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  1. That looks interesting but unfortunately thatis way over my budget I was thinking of starting small then growing it over time.
  2. I don't know much about render farms but Tom's has got a How To for it, although I'm guessing you've probably already read it.,2340.html
  3. $534AR?
  4. Im not sure what you are asking for. That site lists the parts he used and the issues he ran across. Are you wanting someone here to add this up for you?

    Whats an inexpensive render farm mean to you? $5k, $10k? This is like saying you want to buy an inexpensive jet aircraft. The entry cost is still high relative to a single PC box/system.

    How many systems do you think you need for what you are doing? 5? 10? 20?

    Setting this up is relatively simple. Pay attention to the basics, find used parts for cheap and go...
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