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About a couple days ago, I downloaded a game called Planetside 2 into my D drive. After running it I noticed I was having some frame rate issues, but I assumed it was from the massive amount of people online. Later, I tried playing league of legends, a game where my fps is consistently 60. The fps dropped down to 20 multiple times. I tested the frame rate issue on Skyrim also and my fps had the same issue. I noticed that my solid state drive was completely filled, so I deleted some games. I now have about 7 gbs of free space, however, I'm still having the frame rate issue. I checked my gpu temp while I was gaming to make sure that wasn't the issue, and it wasn't. I'm also now having an issue watching youtube videos. I scanned for viruses and malware and there were none. Can anyone help me fix my fps?

Here are my system stats:

Windows 7 (64 Bit)
Intel Core i5
8 GB Ram
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 Ti
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    Your SSD is too full, which really can slow reads and writes. Is it a brand that has a toolbox like Intel or Samsung? If so, run a manual TRIM. If not, leave it on long enough to do a TRIM.

    Next optimize that SSD -- turn off system restore and delete all restore points, turn off hibernation, and move your paging file to a HDD and none on the SSD. Then don't fill that space, give your SSD a little breathing room.
  2. So I just tried uninstalling programs, I have no toolbox. I uninstalled programs, and my SSD started filling up. It didn't even fill up completely and my computer just shut off. I'm having extremely low FPS issues to the point where it's impossible to work the computer. It's surprising that I'm posting here.
  3. If it is shutting down it may be a bigger issue than just a full SSD. For a quick space fix turn off hibernation and the paging file. I would get critical data off ASAP in the event you need to do a re-installation or something more is wrong than just a full drive.
  4. It's still running slow. I'm not having the issue while using the computer, but when I game or watch videos, the FPS starts acting up again. I followed all your advise and moved the paging file.
  5. Once you have some significant free space it needs to have time to TRIM, is it a SandForce controller using a firmware after 3.x?
  6. I have a similar problem, but i have TRIM commands enabled and i still have framerate issues, i really dont know what to do, wha do you mean run a manual trim ? where do i do that ? there is no option to do so, but how do i "wait" for it to do so ?
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