How man 12v amps will I need to crossfire two 5850s?

Howdy I'm shopping for power supplies and I'm looking to crossfire two 5850s. I know I'll need at least 700w but how many amps will I need on the 12v rail?
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  1. Am I asking the wrong question or does no one really know? During my research of PSUs I came across a couple articles that advised that there needs to be enough amps on the 12v rail to power your GPU and since I'm going to have two GPUs I want to make sure to get a powerful enough PSU.
  2. Better question would be "What power supply would you recommend for two 5850's running in crossfire". I would recommend the Corsair 750TX, can't beat corsair really...

    I have a Corsair TX650 right now, and as far as I know, that's all I'll need to Crossfire 2 5850's. (But 700 would be a better Idea.)
  3. I've been looking at an Apevia Warlock 750, the corsair is only 20 bucks more though.
  4. Everyone recommends the Corsairs, i would just spend the money and go for that. 20 bucks is NOT worth the pain of getting a crappy PSU.
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    See the little red switch on the back of the apevia? It tells you it lacks active PFC, almost all new designs have it because its required in many countries and is needed to get 80+ Certified. It also supplies 6A less on the 12V rail than the corsair. I would go for the 750TX for the slightly more that it costs.
  6. I've seen a couple 80+ certified PSU that still have the red switch. How do they get certified without having active PFC?
  7. I've also seen a few active PFC PSUs lacking 80+ certification.
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