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so I've got Win7 32-bit and Win7-64bit DVDs that are both unscratched and aren't missing any data.
On my PC(information below), I can install 32-bit just fine, but I get an error when attempting to install 64-bit(in the "Expanding Windows files" section each time).
I have 8GB of ram, a 1TB HDD(WD), I've had Win7-64 bit installed on it before(got accidentally erased when attempting to install Ubuntu Linux to a second partition). That's about all you should need to know.
If you've run into this problem before, and/or know the solution to fixing it, your help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. Are you trying to install both or just one , because when you get the Windows case with both versions it will only let you install either one or the other. I have Windows 7 ultimate and the reason I bought it was to have both versions but when I installed the 64 bit one it wouldn't let me install the 32 bit version on a seperate hdd.
  2. Just one.. I've got two separate DVDs, like I mentioned, and one formatted HDD.
  3. reformat you HDD again as NTFS then try and install it again and if that don't work either:

    1. download win7 64 again and try again - it will likely be the disk i know you say there's no scratches but just do it :)
    2. try with a different disk drive/ create a bootable USB stick and install it from there
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