Is it bad to repeatedly wake the HDD from sleep?

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I am using an SSD and HDD combo in my system. The HDD is mainly used for static data but also holds my MP3s. I will often go long times without using the HDD, then maybe start up an MP3 via iTunes - at which point I can tell the HDD is coming out of sleep due to a small access delay.

My question is simple.. - does repeatedly waking the HDD from sleep harm the drive at all? Or is it better to just let it go to sleep and wake it whenever you need? I could always move my MP3s to the SSD but that's 9 GB of valuable space.

I guess you could say this is a question of "better to keep turning it on and off?" vs. "leave it on".

Thanks All!
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    It will not harm the drive, just use it and don't worry.

    If you access the mp3s enough to make the wait annoying then copy them to the SSD also, and if you are tight on space move your paging file to the HDD -- that rarely gets accessed if you have 4Gb or ram or more and you only need it in the unusual case that it is needed to prevent a BSOD.
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