Help with fan suggestions for older Dell GX520

Need some help with a cooling solution. This is an old Dell GX520 I bought off ebay a few years ago, 2006 I think.

The fan is ungodly loud and I need some suggestions on what will fit. The screw holes look a little off.

Here's the MB, the original fan holes are marked with the arrows.

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  1. Yes it is the mini tower, here's the old hardware.

    It's a HUGE heat sink with a fan on the side. The fan is the big black shroud in the original picture, the heat sink itself doesn't have a built in fan. It sounds like a jet engine when it gets rev'd up. I'm looking for something more efficient and quieter.

    Here's more info on the heat sink, its a two piece design with the heat sink and fan separate, I was hoping to find a smaller one piece unit with fan and heat sink combo.
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