Is my hard drive going?

A long time ago, I dropped my 500 GB seagate hard drive right onto solid concrete and have a Wii and several other things come crashing down onto it. The hard drive still works, but it sounded like a piece broke off inside because I can move it around and it does sound like a piece of plastic is in there. Anyways, I just looked at the stats for it, and it seems like there is a problem...I've seen people with values in the hundreds for error values...but dear god, look at this, this can't be normal...

1 Read Error Rate 0 100 100 50 0x000000000000
3 Spin-Up Time 2226 ms 100 100 1 0x0000000008B2
5 Reallocated Sectors Count 1 100 100 50 0x000000000001
9 Power-On Hours (POH) 7959d 12h 93 93 0 0x00000002EA34
12 Power Cycle Count 2,558 100 100 0 0x0000000009FE
191 G-sense Error Rate 99 100 100 0 0x000000000063
192 Power-off Retract Count 931 99 99 0 0x0000000003A3
193 Load Cycle Count 17,845 99 99 0 0x0000000045B5
194 Temperature 31 °C 100 100 0 0x00000010001F
199 UltraDMA CRC Error Count 68,946,580 100 100 0 0x0000041C0A94
200 Multi-Zone Error Rate 137,954,802 100 100 0 0x0000083905F2
240 Head Flying Hours 6339d 4h 94 94 0 0x00000002524C
241 Total LBAs Written 1,060,605,325 100 100 0 0x00003F378D8D
242 Total LBAs Read 854,633,193 100 100 0 0x000032F0AAE9
254 Free Fall Protection 800 100 100 0 0x000000000320

Is this thing going to fail on me at any moment? It still works. Reads, writes, everything fine. But am I at risk of it failing?
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  1. Yes, hard drives are very sensitive to touch, if you have dropped it into the floor, then you might have damaged it.

    The all the PC parts the HDD is the weak when it comes to collisions.

    You may want to save your files elsewhere before it is too late! :(
  2. Hmm...We have another problem. None of the SMART data lines up with this drive. The drive is a Seagate, but it is listed as a TOSHIBA MK6461GSY 640.1 GB. Which it isn't, it's only 500 GB. The serial number listed by the smart values is not the serial listed on the hard drive. It is also stating that I have almost 8000 days (21 years) of power on time, and I haven't owned it for two years. What's going on here? :o
  3. Nevermind that...Defraggler decided to somehow use the SMART data from my internal laptop hard drive...Ignore my previous post. does my internal hard drive have 8000+ days of power on hours?! I haven't owned this laptop for long...
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    It is time to replace your HDD.
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  6. Off I go to the land of internal and external HDD's to buy a new ones! Thank you jemm.
  7. You are welcome!
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