Did my 5870 just die!?

Hey there guys- I came home to my system today to find the desktop with some wierd artifacts on it. I decided to force a restart and I am not getting signal out of my 5870. Nothing was overclocked or anything like that. I am just wondering if you guys can help me rule out possible causes.

I have cleared the cmos, unplugged everything but one stick of ram, psu, cpu and gpu, swapped out cables and plugs, confirmed with a laptop output that the monitor works, different x16 slots, different cables and ports on my modular power supply...ect.

There are three reasons why i think it might be the video card
1)artifacts usually suggest a graphics issue
2)the card causes the monitor to actually shut off if i connect the monitor to the card while the pc is on
3)My mouse and keyboard only light up now when the card is not installed. When i install the card i get no lights on any peripherals. I believe this might indicate a short ( or fried connection/transistor?)

My mobo is a p6t deluxe v2.
the psu is a newish antec quattro 850 watt
The fan on the video card still spins as well as all of the fans in the case if i connect them

I dont think my mobo or case came with a bios system speaker, so i cannot tell if the thing is posting right now.
Any assistance is greatly appreciated. I already put in a ticket this morning to attempt to rma the card but id like to rule out any other possible causes before i ship the thing off...
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  1. It sounds like the card is fried/shot. I had a similar issue with a Sapphire 2x4850 awhile back. My computer wouldn't boot, tried several OS reinstalls and when I tried that, I was getting artifacts during the set up. I'd return it and get another.
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    Hello and welcome to the forums
    Just to be sure that your VGA is defective, it would be good if you can test it in another system.
  3. ^+1 for Maziar.
    Try your card in different PC (with a high PSU)... :)
  4. ok so i did that. The card is definitely dead. Other cards work in my comp, mine doesnt work in others. Now i have a new problem. I have left a voicemail with saphire tech support, a ticket, various emails, constant calling....i CANNOT get a hold of these people. No response, no nothing. I put this thing in sunday morning-they are most likely closed for the day now....called ati and they said that saphire has to deal with it.
  5. before this i've seen a case someone using sapphire 5870 vapor x that broken after two weeks of usage. after waiting for two months for RMA they tell him he cannot claim the warranty
  6. wow, i dont know what to do if that happens to me...
  7. Sapphire has always sucked when it came to warranty and rebates.
  8. how can they deny a warranty claim on a card thats only a few months old? The damn thing cost 450 dollars lol...does ati have any responsibility to jump in and help?
  9. Broseph357 said:
    how can they deny a warranty claim on a card thats only a few months old? The damn thing cost 450 dollars lol...does ati have any responsibility to jump in and help?

    Sapphire's lacks in the warranty dept. (2 years) but if you registered the card within the 30 days of purchase you should not have any issue at all when it comes to support.
  10. They finally got back to me- I dont remember if i registered the card or not, but I do know for a fact nothing inside the box or manual said I needed to register to receive warranty service. They asked me for me to fill out an RMA form and told me i could use my order confirmation from newegg as the proof of purchase receipt. I looked at the RMA guidelines and found that they will be looking to verify that my card is still in warranty based on its purchase/manufacturing date.

    I feel better after talking to the guy on the phone. I am also under the impression that this one guy IS sapphire customer support lol.
  11. I wouldn't doubt that he's the same guy that some of us have talked to at some point or another...;)
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