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hi i m going to buy a computer, but now i m on tight budget. i was tinking of buying

Acer Aspire X3300
AMD Athlon(TM) X4 630 Processor 2.8 GHz
3072 MB ddr3
500 GB
512 MB nVidia GeForce 310
dvd WR
windows 7
for 450euro's

why i have chosen the computer is because, in about 4 month's from now. I will get money for upgrading my video card and ram for playing games and bettering the performance. but my question is can i upgrade it.. will it not have any hardware disadvantage's.

why i m going to buy a PC and upgrade it 4 months later is because, Right now i m tight on budget. But over 4 months from now i will get 250 euro's. And i was tinking of buying a computer, and then upgrade it late. for getting a super good gaming computer.

thanks in advanced
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  1. Why are you buying a pre built? Building is easy and much more fun. Also you probably won't beable to upgrade the graphics card as generally OEMs include the smallest possible PSU which is not good for upgrading.

    Also the quality of the components are very bad. When you build yourself you have much better components and can include a bit bigger PSU than is currently required.

    Conclusion: Build Yourself.
  2. ^+1... 100% agreement, specially if you plan to upgrade down the road.
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  4. ok thanks for replaying to my post. i have build a computer in a dutch site.

    but when i built a computer with a similar things as a "aspire 3300x", and getting some room for later upgrading. I will get over the 800 euro's range, and i only have 480 euro's and over 4 month from now i can get 300 euro's.
    how can a aspire can be that cheaper than me.

    can i upgrade the psu
    (here a picture of in the computer)
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    Hey mate. Is that site a PC hardware shop or a place that allows you to configure your PC before you buy it off them, sorry I can't read Dutch :p.

    By "build yourself" I mean buy the components of a PC hardware store and then assemble the PC, it should end up pretty cheap. You can just read a guide on building and you should then have a pretty good idea, the part which requires the most knowledge is the choosing of parts but we can help you with that :).

    Yes the PSU is most likely upgradeable but still it doesn't change anything.

    I'm not to sure of a good PC hardware shop in Europe but someone else may a have a good one they can share.
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  7. Hey thanks for BA. You don't need to know anything else? Or are you going to start a new thread...
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