5570/5670/5770 on 350W Bestec PSU

I have a Dell 540 desktop that was purchased for cheap that came equipped with a Q8200, 4 gigs of DDR2 RAM and a Radeon 4350 (Obvious bottleneck on the GPU). :o

The power supply in question is a Bestec ATX0350P5WA (Never heard of the company before). The serial label reads as the following

+5V        / 18A
+12VA / 12A
+12VB / 18A
+3.3V / 17A
-12V  / 0.8A
+5Vaux / 2A

3.3V & 5V     160W MAX
12VA & 12VB      300W MAX

I'm looking at a higher model HTPC graphics card that can do some gaming (Oblivion and whatever else would run.), doing HTPC functions and operate with the stock PSU. So which of these 3 cards would be capable? I've heard of 5770's running on a 350W system, but according to what I've read, a 5670 or 5570 would be the much safer choice.
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  1. Get yourself a 5670 and a Corsair 400CX to take the crappy PSU out of the equation. Its $30 after a $20 MIR
  2. The PSU isn't crappy and certainly doesn't need to be replaced for an HD5670. Dell rates their PSUs for continuous usage rather than peak which makes them underrated when compared to normal PSUs. With 300w on the +12v it should be able to handle even an HD5770 just fine.

    @OP What is the native resolution of your monitor?
  3. @jyjjy Native resolution is 1650x1080. I'm getting a full 16:9 1080p monitor in the near future. Playing Oblivion near max/max at 1080p would certainly be nice, but not necessary.
  4. although the PSU hunter linked is an excellent bargain, your current PSU can handle the ATI 5770. Bestec makes PSU for DELL, Asus, among others. The ATI 5770 is very energy efficient.

  5. For those resolutions I would suggest the HD5770. It really should be OK on your PSU. The card maxes out at 85w under normal usage so 300w should leave you plenty for the rest of the system with head room to spare.
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