Using mSATA SSD or SSD for Boot Drive?

Good day everyone, my birthday has just passed and I have received both "Crucial 128GB m4 mSATA" and "OCZ 512GB Vertex 4". My laptop is a Clevo P150EM and I will be using Windows 7.

My questions are:
Should I use both of them, put one in the mSATA slot and also put one in my HDD slot?
If I do use both of them, which one will I install and boot Windows 7 on?
Which one is faster?
Should I sell one of them on craigslist/eBay since having two might be pointless?

Links to the products:
Crucial M4 mSATA

OCZ Vertex 4

Clevo P150EM
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  1. I guess it would be up to you to use just one or both. I would put the 512 gb in as a replacement for the hard drive that the laptop came with and then you could choose to either use the Crucial SSD for additional storage of your games or photos and music and movies or all the above. It would be up to you and how much storage space that you need.
  2. I plan on replacing my optical drive with my current 750GB HDD. I was planning on placing data such as movies and music on the regular drive. So it's not smart to install Windows on the 128GB mSATA?
  3. if you're on top of managing the Windows OS and use the tips and tricks to install programs to a different drive, then yes you can install on the 128GB drive. However, realize that a full install of Windows 7 including some games and basic software will quickly fill roughly 50GB, if not more.

    I would install the OS on the 512GB and not worry about drive space...
  4. A 128 gb SSD is not too bad of a choice toy go with for the OS drive if you only put the OS on it and keep everything else on the current drive , the only problem I can see with that is most laptop hard drives are 5400 rpm and have notorious slow access times. The SSD was actualy made initialy as a solution to those slow laptop hard drives and they end up making the performance of the laptop that much better.
    With what you just posted it sounds like you want to sell the 512 gb SSD. In the end after all advice is given your the one that has to look it over and decide what you want to do and you choose how you want to set up your laptop.

    There is one more option to consider and when I visited the web page of your laptop I noticed that it was setup to use a SSD as an Intel Smart Response , but to make use of that you need a SSD that is smaller then 64 gb. The setup is designed to make use of the esata port so what you can do is partition the 128 gb SSD into two logical drives and make one of them 32 gb and the rest on the other. Then with leaving the OS on the current drive set the 32 gb SSD partition up as a cache for that drive and the end result is you get the overall performance boost just like you would have if you loaded the OS on the SSD. The balance of the space that is left on the second partition can be used as a seperate hard drive.
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