Is there a difference?

is there a diff between a Sapphire HD 5970 4G TOXIC & a Sapphire HD 5970 4G?
and is it notice able? thanks
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  1. The toxic is likely OCed and will probably have a better cooler. Whats the price difference between the two? If its a lot its probably not worth it but if its like 5% it probably is.
  2. Ya, about 500 bucks!!! lol

    Seriously, 125MHz on the Core and 800Mhz on the memory, plus an After-Market cooler. To me that doesn't add up for the performance increase, I can OC my ASUS (2G) to those clock speeds for free!! As for cooling I have never been over 72C with the stock fan at 70%
  3. the toxic one is hard to find everyone is sold out , its liek 200. difference
  4. $200 difference means its definitely not worth it, just get the regular one it will do just fine.
  5. oh ok, my plan is to get 2 of them any way
  6. My, bad I was looking at the 2G one.
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