How to enable Crossfire???

Hi all!

I have 2 cards MSI ATI Radion HD 3850 and Sapphire ATI Radion HD 3850. I installed its in to mainboard ASUS P5K3 deluxe, and them conected with crossfire bridge.But,when i check it with GPU-Z, Crossfire disabled, and MSI Card is running with PCI-e x1 and Sapphire Card is running with PCI-e x4.

- How to enable Crossfire?

- Why are they running with x1 and x4? how to setup them run with x16?

Thanks a lot of!
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  1. I don't KNOW CCC well becuase I havn't used it in forever, but I'm pretty sure you have to enable Crossfire through CCC.

    If you go to Catalyst Control Center, Advanced View, then CrossFire X. Just go in there an enable it.
  2. You enable crossfire in Catalyst Control Center.
    I don't know what to tell you about the PCIE channels.
  3. About your PCI-e channels, accord to the specs on the motherboard....

    2 x PCI-E x16 (blue @ x16 mode, black @ x4 or x1 mode).

    Not sure what that means exactly, but it might help someone else that can help you further. I think it means the blue slot is 16x and the black is 4x..
  4. I think it means the blue slot is 16x and the black is 4x,too. But, really them running with 1x and 4x. Hic hic.
    In CCC, has not Crossfire option.
  5. Do you have an old version of CCC?
  6. oh, no, it isn't old version of CCC. It is 10.3 version. I tryed with 10.6,too. But, it is same.
  7. ATI CC won't let you do crossfire with the pci-e lanes so low (1x and 2x it won't allow), if you fix that you will probably be able to get crossfire to work

    my idea, takes the cards out and use canned air to blow out the slots on the motherboard (i actually had to do this recently as my main slot was reverting to 2x instead of 8x)
  8. oh, my mobo is new, it is very clean. 2 Cards are clean,too.
  9. You will still want to take your cards out, and reinsert them. The cards are not running at their proper bus speed, and it will prevent you from using crossfire until they are running at proper bus speeds.
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