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Here is what I have. 3com dsl modem wired to Linksys WRT54g router/ap. Pc#1 wired to router. Pc#2 wireless to router. Pc#3 wired to router with second nic wired to xbox#1 using ICS on the pc. Thats all cool. Works fine. Now i have xbox #2 that i want to connect wirelessly to the router or even pc#2. Now i could just buy a bridge or gaming adapter but i have an older wireless b router that i am currently not using, linksys befw11s4. Is there any way to configure that to use as a bridge for the xbox???
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  1. No bridging or WDS support in that model's firmware that I am aware of. Not supported anyway. Look around for hacked firmware on the web and see but I doubt you'll find anything for that device that will allow it to bridge.
  2. #1 I doubt it.

    #2 If the rest of your home network is at 802.11g speeds of 54 megs and you throw an old 802.11b adapter in the mix at ANY point, then the whole thing will slow down to 5-10 megs like any other 802.11b system. That's just the way things work. That makes it a POOR idea, to put it mildly.

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  3. Tossing in an 802.11b device won't slow the network down to .11b speeds but it will hurt your throughput. How much depends. Different gear affects the bandwidth in varying capacities. It will slow your .11g devices down though. I'd bite the bullet and get a bridge. Or an AP or AP/Router that has bridging functionality as you could probably buy the AP/Router combo the cheapest.
  4. I think i will just get another wrt54g. Its cheap $80 cad compared to $150 cad for a wireless-g gaming adapter. Thanks for your help.
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