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Hi, ive recently come accross something completely baffling on my computer. I tried using 2 different cables that looked fine with the correct pins and neither of them work. I had a look at the one i have in that does work, and it appears all the pins are in the wrong order :o.

instead of pin 1 being orange/white, it is brown. The pins are in the correct order, but they start at the wrong pin. So for some reason a cable that is backwards works, but 2 cables with the correct pins dont work. Any help?
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  1. Are you sure you're not looking at a crossover cable. This is intended for connecting (say) two computers directly.
  2. a crossover cable has one end of the T568A and the other T568B, it is not a crossover cable.

    pin 1 starts with brown, pin 8 is orange/white. Not even as if its a rollover cable, but more of a backwards straight through :o
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