Equivalent replacement for x700 pro in 2010

after some exhaustive researching and tinkering i've determined that my x700 pro is dead. I have a couple of options for replacements to chose from but i can't decide. I found a X850XT on ebay for like 32 bucks but i wonder if i should just wait until i have the cash to pick up something like a HD3650. I have a gig of ram and and athlon xp 3000+ in the system. I play mostly older games. I'd like to be able to play bioshock without the 2.0 shader patch but I also have a subscription for another online game that i just paid for which will probably goto waste if i dont get a replacement soon. not looking to put too much into this system because obviously i cant do much else with it. this just has to be a stopgap until i can afford a full build in a few months. any help is appreciated.
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  1. forgot to mention that my mobo has AGP 8x
  2. With AGP, just go with something cheap, that you can use to play games at low resolutions and start saving to get a new computer. It really doesn't matter what you get since the only decent AGP cards left are overpriced.
  3. just get the x850xt, anything more would be a waste on an athlon xp 3000. I believe the x850xt would perform better than th 3650 on older games anyway. Save your money for a new pc.
  4. thats kinda what i figured. im sure there may be faster cards then the x850 that i could get but im sure its gonna be bottlenecked by the cpu. I figure it should work fine since its about 2 levels higher then the x700 was. im still kinda stuck with older games anyway. i looked around to see what i could get new for the 30 bucks and it was all super budget level crap so i guess ill pick up that x850xt for now.
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