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I just purchased an Intel 520 series 180gb SSD. I am currently using a vertex 3 60gb SSD. I want to used the Intel SSD as my boot drive. If I duplicate the SSD will I lose performance? Should I just do an clean install?

And if anyone knows a good tool to duplicate my SSD that would be great.
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  1. A clean install is always the best way to go and you'll get the best system performance with that because it will clean out all the registry errors and fixes so you can start out new.
    There are a lot of cloning software some free and some you pay for, naturaly the ones you pay for woll be better. Acronis True Image is one of the more popular ones. Norton Ghost is another.
  2. I personally like Acronis True Image, but there is also Clonezilla which I haven't tested yet.
  3. As mad max says, use Acronis (think intel have a free version) or clonezilla to clone the 60gb drive to the new one.

    No need to re install unless you're changing motherboard/cpu (and with windows 7 and 8 even that is of debatable value now).
  4. I use Clonezilla on a regular basis. Its free and it works.
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