No system power led cable

I have been having problems starting up my computer. I thought that I didnt have a HDD led cord to plug into the mobo. Auctually it is the system power led cable that I am missing from my case. I have looked all over and think that it dosent have one.

Would this be the reason that the computer will not power up?

Thanks for any help!!!

My next idea why it will not power up is that the power supply is underpowered. I tested that it works with the paper clip method, confirming that the fan and light turns on - but that dosent mean that it will power the components? The newegg calculator said 400 watts but the mobo book says at least 600w. Would this make the computer start up for one second only and then turn off?

I have taken out one stick of memory and one graphics card leaving one each.

I have posted this in a few threads but am not having much luck getting a solution. Thank you very much, I am not sure what I am doing here anymore. I have triple checked the board connections, breadboarded, ect, and am looking for a less obvious solution.
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  1. You really need the system power lead. If your case is under warranty, either have the vendor or mfr replace the case or send you the replacement cable assembly.

    The workaround: use the Reset front panel lead by connecting it to the board's power pins with the correct polarity. This workaround allows you to start the computer with the reset button. But you have no reset capability.
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