Help me upgrade my computer :)

Hello !

I'm trying to play the new cod black ops but i've got some lag issues.
can you help me figure out what part of my computer is bad or doesnt goes with another.

these are my specs:

Intel core 2 DUO cpu e6550 @ 2.33 GHZ
clockspeed : 2,33ghz, 3,25 gb
i've got 4 gig ram
running windows xp
media center edition version 2002 service pack 3
my gpu is an ATI radeon HD 2400

if you need anything more please tell me :)

Hope you guys help,
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  1. Your graphics is the main culprit imo, then your cpu and ram, if you dont have the budget for a new build, I'd say get a new card first.
  2. Do you have any suggestions for a new video card ?
    Thanks for the help :)
  3. I agree the main culprit is the vid card. Before upgrading make sure your psu can handle the card you want to run. Also a mild to moderate overclock on the cpu will help out quite a bit as well. You should be able to crank it to 3.0ghz without too much trouble.
  4. I'm not very advanced in computer stuff :) XD

    you mean cpu right not psu ? if you dont what does psu mean ?
    and i read some stuff about overclocking, what is it and how can i upgrade it.

    sorry that i dont know alot about this stuff
  5. Depending on your budget to be honest, ati 5770's are good little cards, if you can stretch to anything higher you really want to be putting it in a better system.
    as Fanboy says, a decent quality psu is also required and that will support you overclocking as well
  6. PSU=power supply unit. You might not need to upgrade it, just make sure you take the time to find out what you have and if it will be enough power to run a newer more powerful video card.
  7. overclocking is making your chip run faster than the stated speed, you have a 2.33GHz chip, if you made some small changes and got it to run at 2.8GHz, you'd be overclocking
    check out for a rough idea of your power needs, and have a look at your psu's rating label to see what your psu actually is,
    you can 'build' your system on that site including the proposed new gfx card to see what it would need with a newer card in,
  8. if i make changes to my chip does that mean that i can change it from the screen of my computer or break open my computer and put a new one in or do something with teh chip.

    Where can i find what kind of psu or motherboard i have, i cant find it at start, all programs, accesoires, systemworkset, systeminfo (im dutch so the words are prob a bit different for you)
    do i need to open my computer up to find out?

    thanks for the help so far
  9. np, its what were here for :)
    ok, first off download a program called cpu-z, install it, this will give you detailed information about your system such as chipspeed,ram,motherboard etc (Gpu-z is the graphics card version)
    for your psu information you will have to look inside your case to find out I'm afraid
    I strongly advise googling 'overclocking' and read up on it, I really cant condense the whole subject into a short paragraph.
    you dont need to remove your chip to overclock it, its usually done by making adjustments in bios, some boards are locked and dont alow you to though, so there are software-based alternatives in this case, although most experienced clockers wont recommend it, but the option is there
  10. Ok, so i now understand overclocking and i see that my video card sucks xD
    i also downloaded the program ( do you want me to take screenshots so that you can see teh specifics ? )
    how can i overclock my computer? does it matter wich program i download to overclock it ?
    you said i could do it by adjusting in the bios where can i find that ?
  11. i saw that in teh cpu-z it said that my core-voltage is 1.2v. is that my psu ?
  12. i found that my video card is ATI radeon 2400 had 128 mb. 128mb is the lowest -.-
    im going to buy a new video card
  13. nope, thats your cpu voltage, the amount of power that is taken by your chip to function
    Screenshot may help yes please
    your psu number will be something like 320watt,
    if you post your motherboard model, I'll see if you can use bios to overclock or not,
  14. my motherboard model = 0RY007 i dont know if those are o's ore zero's
    this is a link to a very short video (4mb) to show my computer specifics
  16. Looking at dell info its not going to be an option I'm afraid, software is your route,
    something like or
    I'm none too familiar with intel ones but amd's compatible software utilities are pretty user friendly, have a scout about and find one you can live with :)
    Good luck and have fun
  17. at the first link my motherboard was not known, at teh second link it was the wrong program -.-.

    do you think its best for me to just buy the ati 5770 graphics card ?
  18. i think the first one is working now. How much van i overclock my graphics card ? cuz it will break otherwise.
  19. getting a 5770 in there will help your gaming massively yes, and is an easier option than learning to overclock,
    but if you read up on it, you may decide to save for a new build, then the real fun starts :)
    dont try overclocking your current card, you wont get anywhere near a decent result and may just blow it up :P
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