AMD Bulldozer modules vs Intel cores

Is AMD going to position a single module vs an Intel core, or would an AMD integer core in the module take on an Intel core? Would be mighty interesting to see the results in the second case.
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  1. AMD seems to refer to their modules as 2 core parts, 4 modules = 8 cores. Can't say for sure, but since they've been labeling Bulldozer as a 4-8 core part in the roadmaps I'm sure they'll refer to their Integer core count for how many cores they have.

    It'll be interesting to see how it stacks up compared to current I7 4core/8thread, and next years 8core/16thread from Intel.
  2. According to JF-AMD, an AMD marketing director who posts here, AMD will be advertising Bulldozer on the basis of cores, not modules.
  3. I really could care less.

    I will look at the price vs performance and take it from there basically. Core/modules blah blah blah.
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