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High Temps on Stock Core i3 530?


I have an HTPC that I built based on the ASRock H55M Pro motherboard and Core i3 530. Nothing is overclocked and I'm using the stock cooler. I recently noticed that when doing some video encoding (core loads all pegged at 100%), my core temperatures rise to 100-105C, at which point the CPU starts to throttle back due to thermal concerns. Has anyone else had a similar issue? Any suggestions on what might be wrong?

Things that I've checked:
CPU Fan working? - Yes, runs at 2400 rpm idle and over 3000 rpm under load.
Case cooling adequate? - Yes. Open case with large fan blowing across motherboard didn't alleviate the problem.
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    Re-seat the cooler. Buy some aftermarket thermal paste, clean off the gunk that came with the box cooler, apply the new thermal paste per instructions (usually a small drop smaller than a pea right in the center), then re-attach the heatsink.
  2. One thing you can do is put a finger or two on the heatsink while under load and see if that makes a difference, I bet it does. Like said above re-install the cooler, with some quality TIM if you can, make sure you clean the old stuff off first with high purity alcohol.
  3. ^ true true
  4. ^ HAHa nice, likey
  5. Awesome, I'll give that a shot. Thanks!
  6. Yeah, so it seems the heat sink wasn't well seated. I bought some Arctic Silver 5 and used that in reseating the heat sink and now full-load temperatures top out at about 70C (Tjmax = 105C). I'm still a little concerned about the ability of the heat sink to properly contact the CPU due to the asinine mounting system. It took about 4 or 5 tries to get the thing to click into place.

    I'm thinking about replacing the stock cooler with the Cooler Master GeminII S. Should I expect a decent improvement in temperatures and maybe some overclocking headroom?
  7. With a Core i3 530 I would expect temps around 50C. I can get 50C on my overclocked Athlon 64 x2, and that's a 65nm 3.2GHz part.

    I would definitely consider an aftermarket cooler, maybe even one that comes with a backplate (for a more secure fit). It appears that Geminii S comes with backplates/bolts that secure the heatsink all the way through the board (unlike those flawed screw-ins). Just make sure you get one with fans installed, it looks like the Geminii S allows for 1x120mm or 2x90mm or 2x80mm. I'd go 1x120mm, its quieter.
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