Killer $500 bucks Gaming PC is it a killer?

so after a whole week of searching on newegg. is this a good gaming PC build . i mean besides the HDD evcerything is pretty neat right? and if you can make it better? please do so. I am on a tight budget so is this a good build for the price?
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  1. its great for the price, even the HDD is good.
  2. yea thats what i am thinking do you think this deal will last for a week since i am ordering it in 8-10 days
  3. Biostar is kinda sketch, but for 500$ that's great. My recommendation for CPU/Mobo seperate is like 55$ more expensive.

    Scrap that IDE burner and get a sata model for 3$ more. Worth it for the fact that IDE isn't even on a lot of motherboards anymore.
  4. $513AR
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