How to add SSD to PC with existing SATA RAID?

I'd like to add an SSD as a game drive on a RAMPAGE Formula board that is already set to SATA RAID with two raptors in R0. I see some threads touching on it, but nothing quite answers the question:

Is there a way to keep the raid (with the OS on it) and add the SSD? It seems on the face of it that either all ports are set to RAID or no ports are.

Also, how do I know which SATA ports are Intel and which are JMicron?

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  1. The SSD is just another sata drive. Connect it as you wish.
    Best to attach it to the intel sata ports because the latest intel drivers will pass on the trim command.

    Your motherboard manual will identify which are the marvel ports. There may be two of them in a different color.

    For what it is worth, you are probably not seeing much value from raid-0 in a normal desktop environment.
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