RAID 0 + Intel SRT/ASUS SSD Caching

My understanding is that SRT and ASUS Caching only cache files which are used most often and obviously other files are not which means that a tiny SSD can produce big performance gains but I would like to maintain the performance benefits of a RAID 0 setup for those files which are not cached.

Would SSD Caching be possible with an SSD and RAID 0 config using two or more drives?
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  1. Yes you can cache with an SSD and RAID array. It primarily improves random reads and does little otherwise, as these test results show:

    It would be okay to do if you already have an SSD for your OS disk and just want to speed your storage, otherwise use the SSD for the OS.
  2. Ahh sweet, thanks!

    I think for now I'll stick with RAID 0 to bring down the initial cost of the machine but no doubt in the future I'll throw an SSD in the mix.
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