Intel G45/43 express chipset

The video card came with my moderately costly computer several months ago. I am using Dell and I have very little knowledge of video cards. I want to change my video card so I went to Dell's website to check out my options of what to get. The latest one for my computer model is AMD Radeon HD4350.

I am trying to run Mass effect, but from the Mass effect Bioware forum, they said none of the Intel video cards are not compatible with mass effect. The recommended spec for mass effect is
NVIDIA GeForce 7900 GTX or higher.
ATI X1800 XL series or higher.

can the AMD Radeon HD4350 do the job? or do I need to buy a new driver and as well as the new video card?

I tried to download AMD Radeon HD4350 from Dell's website even though I had Intel G45/43 express chipset, do I remove my Intel G45/43 express chipset and download the AMD Radeon HD4350 or do I have to buy the AMD Radeon HD4350 as a video card in a box that I have to install?
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  1. I am trying to run Mass effect, but from the Mass effect Bioware forum, they said none of the Intel video cards are compatible with mass effect. The recommended spec for mass effect is
  2. Hi, welcome to the forums.

    The G45/43 express chipset is simply a feature of your motherboard allowing it to run graphics. This is meant for simple tasks such as working in Windows and browsing the internet or watching videos.

    What you need to game is called a discreet graphics card. This means you need to purchase a physical card, and install it into your computer. If Dell's website says you can run a 4350, then you probably have a PCIe 16 slot, which is required for most video cards. The other factor for which card you can get is how much power your power source unit has.

    I'm under the assumption you have a 300W power supply as that is extremely common in PCs such as a Dell.

    Based on these assumptions, your best bet for a new video card would be something like an Nvidia GT240 which is quite cheap, low power requirements and should be able to run Mass Effect.

    If possible, list your full PC specs or at list which Dell model it is. If you can open the case and have a look at your PSU, let us know it's wattage. If you have a specific budget that helps a lot.

    I hope this helped. If not, well, ask some questions :D
  3. This is my computer:

    Sorry, I only know how to find the basic specs:
    Model: Studio 540S
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q8300 @2.50GHZ
    RAM: 4.00 GB
    System Type: 32 bit
    OS: Windows Vista home premium SP2

    I can't open my computer at the moment.
  4. I have only opened my computer twice, but this is my newer computer which I have never opened before. Do you know where the watt number is?
  5. You can't gaming with just INTEL onboard, you need a real card, even the low-end card is MUCH better than onboard graphic...
    You can open the case and see it for yourself, what is your Power Supply Unit and what is it's wattage...

    Is it a slim PC? If yes, you will need a low profile card so the card would fit into the case...
  6. If you're completely clueless as to what to do, you might consider simply bringing your PC to a local PC tech shop/store and get them to install the card for you.

    Your best bet for lower power cards will be either an Nvidia GT220 or 240, or from ATI you'd be looking at maybe a 5570 or 5670.

    As for opening the case, there's usually just a thumb-screw on the back, sometimes a couple of snap clips, and then you just slide the side panel back and remove. Installing a new graphics card is quite easy as well, you just need a screw driver to remove the bracket screw, put the card into the right socket till it snaps in, then screw the card's bracket in and plug your monitor into the new card's output. Boot up, and install drivers.
  7. I found this on the lower side:
    Input: 100-123V~/8A
    Output +5V---19.5AMax +12V---/16AMax +5vsb---/2AMax

    DC output 250 w
  8. If I change my power supply, do I need to change my motherboard?
  9. Ok so that's a fairly low power PSU. 16A isn't much, you'd have to go with a very low end video card.

    If you change your power source, no you will not need a new mobo. You can get mediocre PSUs in the 400-450W range for $50 and less. My friend just upgraded his HP computer which had the same onboard graphics as you, for about $250 he bought a silverstone 500W PSU and an HD5770 graphics card which is enough to play any games with at least medium to high settings.
  10. Unless it is very costly, I don't intend on changing my power supply. I just want the best graphics card for my computer for now.
  11. Oops, my last message was posted a second late from yours. I found a video on youtube of someone playing mass effect with ATI radeon 4350, is it the same as AMD 4350?
  12. Thanks anyway, ignore all my double posts since I cannot edit and I do become forgetful and hasty while posting. I will go with what your friend bought. I have a one las question, they will fit my slim model computer right?
  13. Well you'd have to go minimal like an GT 220 which is really crappy at this point.

    Check out this page

    Lots of PSU + GPU combos. I like this one
  14. How would I know if they are the right size?
  15. The size is pretty standard unless you happen to have a mini one.

    The one I linked is
    150 x 140 x 86mm

    As for the 4350, yes it'll work. It's a pretty low end card. The deal I linked is great if you want to play a selection of games. Mass Effect isn't very demanding however if you then want to play ME2 you will be pushing that card. Anyway, it is cheap, here's one for $35
  16. That sucks, I was planning on getting mass effect 2... I will try to get those higher end ones, but I don't know compatibility with my motherboard. Looks like I might need a new motherboard...sigh.
  17. You don't need a different mother board. I just checked a little review on the PC, it has an expansion slot hidden under a removeable cover, just above the PSU. However, it is a tiny PSU. I found this page on newegg

    You might want to double check the dimensions with the actual dims of your PSU just to make sure "micro ATX" is the size you're looking for. For example tho, this one might work out

    With that, it appears you need a "low profile" card. Not sure if a regular size card would fit. Low profile really limits your options. You can see them here

    Of those the 9800GT might be the best, or the 4650. Oh there's a 5550 on there too so that should be a step up.

    My suggestion is you look around, pick a few out, then make a new thread asking for help in picking a low profile card and hopefully you can get a little more help and some good suggestions.
  18. I measured my power supply to be about 17cm across and 9.5 cm on the shorter side. I can hold a longer power supply with a length of about 20cm.
  19. Also, because I have a slim computer, I will need to remove my motherboard to unscrew my power supply since the screw on the otherside is right under the motherboard.
  20. The maximum dimension fo rmy PSU is 20 cm across, 8 cm tall, and a depth of about 9cm.
  21. PowerColor R98E-PD3 Radeon 9800 256MB 128-bit DDR AGP 4X/8X Video Card

    I discovered that my preowned old computer had a video card, so I took it out. Does it matter if I touched all over it? Can I clean it with toilet paper nonwet or blow away the dust?
  22. Nvm, it is not compatible with windows vista... I will be starting a new thread on my chosen gPU and PSU.
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