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I've been fighting with this for 2 days. I moved my linksys wireless router from the 2nd floor to the first floor and now I cant get my laptop to connect. It says that the network settings do not match the requirements for the network. What happened?
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  1. Reception issue. Experiment with changing channels in the router -- the different frequencies work better or worse depending on environment.

    The move may also have brought the affected computer close to a neighbouring wifi system -- select a channel 5 stops from strongest neighbour.

    While doing this turn off wireless security which sounds as if it may be implicated.
  2. I have swapped the cable on the router through all 4 slots (channels?) and unplugged and reset everything. No change. I used to be able to connect to my neighbors unsecured wireless network but now I can't. I should warn you I'm one notch above computer stupid. The little light on the linksys router that says "internet" will come on at start up but goes out. What network settings are there that would have changed when I moved the equipment?
  3. OK I see it has nothing to do with the channels or reception. Something changed with the settings for the network.
  4. No settings would have changed when you moved the computer.

    The channels I'm referring to are wireless channels 1 to12 (or 1 to 13 in Europe). They have nothing to do with the ethernet sockets on the router.

    Do download the manual for your router and read it. You'll find it extremely frustrating trying to run a network with the level of knowledge you have displayed.
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