Need to get e8400 into DImension 9200, HELP!

Im trying to get a e8400 into my Dimension 9200, i havent replaced any parts in this computer for years other than my video card (8800 GTX now). Ive been told that the e8400 wont work with my 9200 but what if i replace my motherboard, would it work then? Or is it a problem with the power supply? Thanks!
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  1. No Wolfdale cpu's in that machine, it's the VRM on the motherboard that prevents it.
  2. if its the motherboard's problem? what motherboard would i have to get that supports e8400?
  3. Only board you could use would be from the XPS 420, and that would require modding of the I/O plate.
    It's really not worth it.
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