Motherboard failure symptoms

so i have a pc that isn't turning, and i've already swiped the psu's anyone else have n e suggestions?
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  1. Welcome to Tom's Forums! :)

    If it's an older rig then it's probably a component failure: MOBO, CPU, RAM, etc. The only way to 'start' is to breadboard and the easiest method it to remove the MOBO from the case and pull everything off leaving the bare minimum: MOBO, CPU, 1 Stick RAM, PSU and adding a GPU only if it stays on or doesn't have an onboard GPU.

    Meaning don't connect the USB headers, Keyboard, mouse and short the PWR+ & PWR- {Ground} to start.

    IF MOBO, CPU, 1 Stick RAM, PSU fails try the other stick of RAM.

    Take to a shop, chances are it's either the MOBO or CPU so unless you have a spare CPU it's a best guess it's the MOBO.

    A bad PSU can easily damage EVERYTHING it's connected to including MOBO, GPU, and to a lesser degree CPU and RAM.
  2. Outside of a lab with proper diagnostic equipment there is only one way to diagnose computer failures. That is to replace components in their most likely order of failure with known operational equivilents. If you are unable to do that the next step is to hire someone else who is and be prepared for a sizeable bill. If it's an old computer it's probably better to replace it.
  3. we have an 8 year old Daewoo computer..power supply fan ok, no beep code when turned on, . Then Cleaned RAM & inserted after,

    Had burning smell, before all this happened..but unable to locate.
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