Tadah....first build...any thoughts?

Everything seems ok.

i7 930 (stock HSF)
6GB Corsair RAM
1TB Seagate SATA/32MB Cache/7200
Sappphire 5770
Cool Master 310 case, w/on 120mm fan in rear.
Windows 7, 64 bit of course
Generic wireless nic, KB, Mouse

Had it running all day, did some FutureMark benches and stresses....16K 3DMark, 7K Vantage (these look about average for a system non-OC).

Idle temps 38 - 40. loaded 60 - 65. Everything seems pretty stable and cool so far.

Next going to StarCraft II and maybe in a month start some OC, those with these components I don't expect to get too far, e.g., stock mount, CL9/1600 on the corsair, but who knows?
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  1. nice build, although seeing an i7 with stock hsf makes me twitch :P
  2. System looks good.
    For drawing the best out of the i7 930, you will need an SSD but not in a rush, you can add one anytime you want.
  3. +1
    I don't understand why folks aren't getting SSD boot drives as part of their builds but there's no reason not to.
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