Install window 7 on SSD installed with Window 8

Hello, as title said, I currently have Window 8 Pro installed on a brand new SSD. I did not like it much due to the lack of driver availability. I would love to go back to Window 7 Pro.

I cannot do the run CD in Window method (Installation is cancel due to error 0x0)

Tried to use Secure Erase OCZ Toolbox but it would not let me erase because it is the primary hard drive currently.

Thank you for your input.
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    If you still have the Windows 8 installer disk, you can startup with it and start a custom install, unpartition the drive, and then quit the install. Windows 7 should then install.

    If you do not have it you can boot from the free Ultimate Boot CD ( ), which has many tools, and then run Darik's Boot and Nuke (under hard disk wiping tools) -- BUT disconnect all other SSDs and HDDs that you do not want to erase first to avoid nuking one of them.
  2. What hardware do you have that is not supported with Windows 8? I have yet to find a device that Windows 8 does not support or that I can't download drivers for.
  3. Some printer driver that wont allow me to scan. Some games isnt supported. I had to change the compatibility all the time.
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