ADATA SX900 Disappointment

Just installed a brand new Adata SX900 250gb SSD .
Right off the bat , I was let down by its performance.
I was expecting a drastic improvement over my HDD's (1. Seagate Baracuda , 2. WD Caviar)

The SX900 was installed and set up on my ASUS P8P67 Pro (Rev 3.1) , specifically onto an Intel P67 SATA 6.0 Connector using a SATA 6.0 cable (supplied with my mobo). In Bios, Sata is enabled and in AHCI mode .

Here is a benchmark test I ran to test the SX900;

Installation of software , start up time (boot time), file browsing and opening applications seems slow OR the same as if I had my old HDD's installed. Even the "Windows Experience Index" gave me a 5.9 for "disk data transfer rate"...

My system specs are;
i5 2500k
8gb DDR3 1600
GTX 580
Windows 7 64bit

What can I do to improve the performance of my SX900 ? What am I doing wrong here ?

Help would be appreciated.
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  1. Did you do a fresh install of the OS? How much space is available on the SSD?
  2. BIOS set to AHCI?

    Certainly should reinstall Windows, re-run WEI (it sets certain parameters if you have an SSD), and run the optimizer software Adata provides (assuming they do like Intel and Samsung).

    Should be getting WEI of mid-high 7's for storage I would think.
  3. Have you updated the SSD firmware, and all the drivers?
  4. Like other said, have you actually re run WEI test? It does not update itself automatically.
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