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I'm building my first computer running a Biostar MCP6PB M2+ with an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Socket AM2 CPU and an EVGA GeForce GTS 250 512 mb. I'm using my old HDD and haven't been able to reformat because my old computer thought my DVD drive was a Floppy Drive and I couldn't boot off the disk. I'm not sure if that would be the problem. But now I turn it on and I get no display and a series of rapid beeps for about 10 seconds before it pauses and starts over. Also, I have a 4 pin connector coming from my PSU and no where to put it. I have a 4 pin on my mobo but I used it for my cpu fan even though it was only a 3 pin, I read it could fit. Sorry for the wall of text, I don't know what was helpful and what wasn't.
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  1. What HDD do you have? The 4-pin connector should be a ATX connector power connector or the PCI-Express connector for the GPU (to power up the GPU). Your PSU's cables should have labels on its cables/wires indicating which is which. Have you tried clearing the CMOS? I did that for my very first build after powering it up with no display.
  2. The HDD is a Seagate Barracuda 7200.9. It came with my old XPS 210. And I found out that connector was for a floppy drive, so disregard that. A local guy said I should reseat my RAM. I only have one 2 gig stick. When I seat it, the clamp doesnt line up with the little indent in the ram. Is it not down far enough?

    EDIT: beeping stopped when i reseated my ram for the millionth time. Now the new problem is the infamous Power Save Mode. Everything sounds fine on startup except the monitor is stuck in power save mode. Any suggestions?
  3. Is that RAM brand new? Did you make sure your RAM is compatible with your motherboard? The RAM have to be seated to the point where you can't just pull it out without unlocking the clamps. Was the HDD still working the last time you had in your old XPS?
  4. The RAM is brand new. How would I check if it's compatible with the motherboard? I'm going to a local PC store tomorrow. Just to get someone elses opinion. And yeah, I moved the HDD back and i'm using my old computer right now.
  5. Your motherboard's manual should have a list of what brand and model of RAM is compatible with it. What is the model and brand of your RAM? Well it looks like your HDD is working just fine since your using it right now in your old computer.
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