DVI to HDMI Adapter or Cable?

Hello all! New to the forums, and new to this whole "HD" thing. Trying to get the most out of it I can.

My question is, which is better of these two:

A HIS DVI to HDMI Adapter or DVI-D Male to HDMI Male Cable or are they the same thing?

Was browsing newegg for an adapter, when I cam across dvi to hdmi cables instead, and was curious if there was a difference or not.

I have an Acer 23" HD LCD 1080p HDMI monitor, and I just bought a evga GTX 285

Thanks in advance for your help!
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  1. the first one is just an adapter, you need to get an hdmi cable separately to connect your monitor
    second one is a cable which connects dvi to hdmi.. no need to get a cable separately
  2. Get the second one :) You will have the best output with it.
  3. Althought I gotta tell you the you won't have sound using that cable. You'll need to use the onboard sound.
  4. I have a BFG GTX 280 OC. The DVI to HDMI converter is provided free from BFG. I also have CF XOC 4890 with 2 DVI-HDMI converter provided by DIAMONDMM.

    My message is the DVI->HDMI converter you need is to be provided for free by EVGA. Call customer support and provide what is required customer information (As GPU owner). Ask the connector you need.

    The connector is a an item that is part of the box when one purchase these expensive GPU.

    Pick up the phone call EVGA and wait for about 3 days. You will get the converter you need.
  5. Thanks guys!
  6. Wait or buy it :) I always like to pay to get it right now, silly me xD

    Also, HDMI is the same thing as dvi ... HDMI only add sound to dvi ...
  7. It won't improve the visual quality on my LCD? (When watching 1080p videos).
  8. It is the same signal, it only doesn't support sound.
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