Compatible power supply

Thanks for humoring my newb question.

I think my power supply may be going out and was wondering how to tell what power supply units are compatible with my system.

I have an:
Antec P180 Mid-Tower- 450W PSU
ASUS P5N-E motherboard LGA 775
Intel Core Duo 6600 Dual Core
Kingston HyperX 4gb (4x1)
eVGA Geforce 7600 GT KO
WD 74GB Raptor
Seagate 1TB data drive
Seagate 500gb data drive
CD/DVD combo
DVD burner

I was thinking of going up to a 650W power supply. Used for Heavy Photoshop, listening to music, watching movies, and streaming videos on the web. How do I know what is compatible. Anyone have any recommendations for Power Supply Units?

Thank You!!!
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  1. It will accept ATX PSU. Here< is a good one in the size range you are talking about
    There 520watt unit would be plenty for your system though
  2. any modern antec, seasonic, silverstone, enermax, corsair, or ocz will work for you. None of the hardware you listed requires a lot of power. If you don't plan on getting a power hungry video card then 400w+ is plenty for you. It will power your PC and let you install most mid-tier gaming cards.

    this corsair 430w is a solid unit
  3. Thanks rolli59 and ct1615!
  4. Quote:
    upgrade your video card while your at it..


    Why do you suggest upgrading my video card? Do you think I really need it for Photoshop and watching videos/streaming??

    Thanks for your time!
  5. its fine for those duties
  6. @mal Not everyone on here is bothered about having the most powerful PC they can afford. OP asked about PSUs, not graphics card.
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