Re-enclosing a Failing USB HDD

I am considering extracting failing 3,5 inch drive from its original enclosure and placing it in a generic USB enclosure.

I would appreciate a discussion about removing an external USB HDD from its enclosure and the ways in which it might be connected via USB.

If the original enclosure uses an adapter, are SATA/(mini)IDE to USB cables or enclosures enough to power an HDD?
As I also want to connect a 2,5 inch internal SATA HDD via USB, is there a way to know which HDD's require additional power?
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  1. If the drive is failing you should be backing it up and replacing it, not changing the enclosure.

    FWIW the new enclosure should have the proper connections to use the drive. It's not a matter of the HDD power, but the connection. USB3.0 technically should give enough power but most enclosures will still have a separate power for backwards compatibility.
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