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Ok so I want to use this capture card http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815100049&nm_mc=OTC-Froogle&cm_mmc=OTC-Froogle-_-Video+Devices+++TV+Tuners-_-AVerMedia-_-15100049 to record myself playing on my gaming desktop...(the card would be in another rig) the way im going to have it set up is I will have my gaming rig clone my primary monitor and send it to this card via hdmi...my primary monitor is 1200p, so i was wondering if I can input 1200p into this recording card and have it record 1080i or whatever i have it set to...basically my question is will this capture card support 1200p input via hdmi cable not record 1200p jus support the input thanks
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  1. Hauppage 2250 is a much better HDTV tuner


    Capture cards at least(most of the HDTV) today are limited to 1080i.

    Below is an HDMI based video capture card

  2. Capturing games is not recommended with video capture card including

    http://www.newegg.com/Product/Prod [...] _-15100049

    Most video capture card analog and digital (HDMI) are re-processed signal. Its very possible it may not turn out right.

    Games output (PC or console) are not exactly the same as HD Video. HD video is consistent like blue ray are recorded in 24fps 2 1080P. Games for example set at 1080P comes out with varying frame rate (wide variation) as a function on the dynamics of the game.

    Try it and let us know
  3. leon2006... Hauppauge HVR2250 only capture SD video... Blackmagic is way too expensive and it is only HDMI (w/HDCP)

    drums101... You should have the console connect to AVerMedia HD DVR directly. If your system specification has the needed horse power, you can play the record your game play in real time. There is no lag with AVerMedia HD DVR. You don't need to connect with HDMI out from monitor, most GFX card will have HDCP on HDMI, so using component video is a better choice (you will need to invest the component video cable for your console). Also you will need to set the game console 1080i, this is the max capture resolution for AVerMedia HD DVR. Also, AVerMedia HD DVR only take standard 720P, 1080i, I don't think it will handle 1200p you mentioned. I never tried it, but I use component cable, set PS3 as 1080i, direct connent with AVerMedia HD DVR and Play/Record game in MPEG2 all the time. It works fine with me (I have Intel Quad Core CPU and 4 GB Memory Vista 64 system). Hope this information help...
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