Hey i am building a pc n im a noob sort off but its about the parts i am getting

im building my own comp, im kinda of a noob i know what the parts for and what they do, but as far as the specs go i dont understand much :/..... wondering if any one can help !!
cpu- intel i7930
motherbord- asus p6t x58
graphics card- gigabyte hd 5770 1gb-d5
ram- 6gbs of ddr3dcztech dr-1333 3*2
hard drive- 1tb hitachsto 3.5"
power supply- thermalta tr2 rx650w
and thats about if some one could email me back at what they think and what would be a better buy or something better for the price im getting this stuff at tbrosllc@gmail.com
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  2. I have lost count the number of instances in many a hardware forum where someone spills out a $2k build and all the machine has to do is to surf the net and play solitaire so
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