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Hello Everyone,
This is about old memory and such. I have a friend who has an old computer he wants to upgrade for his wife. It's a Compaq Presario SR1710NX. The motherboard manufacturer is Asus, and it's a socket 939. I know I can upgrade the CPU to a dual core, something in the range of like 2.4 GHz without too much problem, he has 2GB of memory in it but wants to upgrade to 4GB. He wants Windows 7 on there, he's all ready added an old ATI HD 4350. It's never gonna be a gaming monster, but I thought a dual core and some more memory with Win 7 would make a decent enough MP3 player/EMail checker. The chipset is Radeon XPress 200 and I'm not 100% on the memory to get for it. It takes DDR400 (PC3200) up to 4Gb (4x1). Would something like this ( work? Thank you in advance, and sorry about all the miscellaneous information, you never know if it'll be useful.
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  1. Better to give us too much information than too little!

    I would suggest that 2GB is already plenty of RAM for MP3 playing / eMail checking / Web browsing. I checked on Microsoft's web site, and 1GB is minimum RAM required for Windows 7 32bit, so 2GB should be fine.

    That's got to be easier than hunting for DDR400 RAM - I know it's still available, but it seems like a waste to be buying it today. My local supplier's price for 1GB of DDR400 is about the same as 4GB of DDR3 - that's not encouraging!
  2. upgrade win7 need driver support win7, you must find it in the website support vendor your mobo.
  3. Ya, the prices for memory are outrageous for the older memory. Whenever I can I use eBay for the parts. I found a pair of opteron dual core for 20$ shipped a couple months ago. The one I told my friend to get was like 30$ shipped, dual core round abouts the 2.4 GHz area. We're trying to stay around the 80$ mark for all the upgrades (he all ready has the win 7 ready to go).
    Henydiah, not sure what you're sayin. Memory doesn't need drivers. I've checked the support of the memory for the motherboard, but it's not listed/not tested, so it may work it may not. I was wondering basically if anyone had any experience with the radeon xpress 200 chipset and adding in cheap memory as opposed to the name brand expensive memory that has been tested.
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