PC restarts 8 times with new Radeon HD 5770

Hello all,

I think I am about to chug my computer out of the window. I have been trying to fix this problem for over two full days.

I recently purchased these items in order to upgrade my PC:

1. Corsair GS600 - PSU 600 Watts
2. MSI Radeon 5770 1024MB GDDR5 R5770-PMD1G PCI-e video card
3. Various assortments of fans

I took out my old 250 Watt PSU and stock low profile Radeon 2400XT video card out of my motherboard. I slapped in the new power supply and installed the new video card. Once I pushed the power button, my computer became the devil. The video card would restart eight times (exactly eight times) before even getting to POST. After the eighth time, the computer and video card would boot normally loading Windows 7.

My computer build is as follows:

ECS MCP61PM - GM - Motherboard with AMD Phenom 9500 Quad Core
3 Gigs of DDR2 RAM (2 x 1 GB and 2 x 512MB)
Western Digital 500GB SCSI Hard Drive
Acer Wide Screen 19 inch Display

This problem occurs every time I start my computer. The video card will restart itself 8 times before POST. After the 8th time, I am able to operate my computer normally however the video card seems to be slightly unstable. The temperatures are higher than normal during idle and load. Idle temperatures are around mid 50 to 60 Celsius. Under SOME load, using MSI's Kombustor software, the temperatures rapidly rise to 75-80 degree's Celsius while the CPU/system temperatures are significantly lower. I tried playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 but the game would slightly stutter.

Here is more information I gathered while messing around:

1. I removed nearly every component connected to the motherboard, but the video card still cycles. I disconnected the hard drive, CD/DVD drive, fans, and RAM. So I concluded that none of these devices are corrupted.

2. The video card resets during cold boots and restarts.

3. Yes the video card is in the correct slot. I did connect the PSU's 6 pin PCI-e connector into the card. I do have proper cooling so the card is not over heating.

4. I did install the latest ATI and nForce drivers (mother board chip set). I was unable to locate a BIOS update for my particular mother board.

5. I installed my old low profile 2400XT with my new GS600 - 600 Watt power supply and I did NOT have any problems what so ever.

6. I did go into the BIOS settings and load both the system defaults and optimized settings, however nothing changed.

7. I took the CMOS battery out of the mother board for five minutes and replaced it. I started the PC and the card did NOT restart itself at all. HOWEVER, once I restarted the PC the problem happened again.

8. I did insert another CMOS battery and the PC did start normally without any restarts. But once I powered the PC again, the video card started to act up. I removed the CMOS battery, and the same thing happened.

9. I returned the MSI 5770 video card and got another one. This did not resolve any conflicts.

I'm going to assume that the PSU, Bios, or motherboard is causing this problem. I do not have another 450W + PSU to isolate the Corsair GS600 power supply. Nothing on the board is over clocked at all. I've had this mother board for a couple of years, presenting with no problems. ANY help would be much appreciated. If you need any more details, please feel free to ask.

I did do my research and this topic resembles my problem the most: http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/277435-28-resets-times-post-boots . However the thread creator did not specify if he solved the problem.

Edit - Card is unstable without drivers. I had uninstalled all ATI drivers from my PC and restarted. From boot up, after the cycle of restarts, the fan was at 100% and the temperature was at 72C. Reinstalling drivers fixed the problem.
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  1. Try your card in different PC, if the same problem exist then you have a defective card...
  2. may be a stupid question but did you uninstall your old video card driver before installing you new video card.
  3. I did uninstall the old video card drivers before installing the new video card. Also this card is most likely not defective. This is the second card that I received from the store after returning another 5770.
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