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Not sure if this is really a motherboard question, running an i7-950 on a X58A-UD3R non clocked.

And Easy Tune is reporting intermittantly a non spinning CPU fan, but only for short periods, like a few seconds, then the signal states a ~2700rpm speed??.

Had me spinning out when the danger.wav was playing at first, thought it was some joke. Sounds like the Dr from Lost in Space.

CPU Temp is at 60, (Antec P180) and the system is mildly loaded, I think I might have a bit too much heat transfer paste.

The CPU voltage is at 1.216-1.232 is that ok?

Running Dominator ram, DRAM is at 1.504v

3.3 is at 3.296 but 5v is at 4.892v and that seems low, 12v is at 12.175v

Ohh, and this does only seem to come when the system is heavily loaded.

Thanks guys,
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  1. I can't speak to the voltages, but I used to have the fans on my old motherboard drop out of HWMON for a couple of samples, and then come back in. I wouldn't worry about it, so long as you know that the fan is actually running.
  2. Thanks elol,

    I was suspecting that much, (signal dropouts) as the fan speed goes from 2700 to 0 and back, no wild fluctuations, and the speed is fluctuating around 2600-2800 so it is functioning ok it seems, looking at it it is spinning!

    I was just wondering if any others had experience with EasyTune and this particular board etc.

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