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AMD issue

I seem to be having an issue. I got for a steal of a deal an HTPC setup, but having peformance problems. Firstly, here's the setup:

AMD Athlon 64 4850e, 2.5GHz dual core (runs about 50C with a Silverstone 1U HSF)
J&W Mini ITX motherboard AMD 780G chipset -
Integrated Radeon 3200
2x2GB SO-DIMM (PC2-6400)
WD 1.5tb Green SATA HDD
Generic DVD-DL R(w)
Thermaltake Element Q VL5000 shoebox case

I've installed WinXP Home and the thing is snappy quick. As soon as I install Win7 Pro, I have to down the screen res to like 1368 (1080p on my Acer turns off Aero and crawls even more) and the thing just starts to crawl.

Main question: Can an AMD 4850e handle Win7 Pro x64? I guess if it can't, the story is over and I just need to get a new 65TDP or lower processor for the board.
Secondly: can the 780G and 3200 chipset handle 1080p or should I get a new video card (it has onboard PCI-e x4 but I'm trying to keep the heat down as it is without going to a new case)
Thirdly, of the procs listed here, which are the best or top 5?
I am AMD stupid :P
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  1. I don't think the 3200 can handle 1080P. You can try turning off Aero and see if that helps. But I get the feeling you'll need a GPU.

    CPU is fine btw.
  2. Odd, why in the crackhead delusional mind would they put onboard HDMI, DVI and D-Sub if it can't even take advantage of the HDMI output... That's what I get for 'getting a deal', haha. I'll do some investigating on the 3200 abilities...
  3. Why can't it use the HDMI?

    Its probably good enough for 720P as you pointed out, but 1080P is probably pushing it. It's been awhile since I've looked at IGPs, but I think they had a 3300(?) which could do this? I'm also pretty sure the 4200IGP can handle 1080P.
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    There are a few cards that i think you should check out, i figured you might want DX11 and a little more horsepower so or a little older
    There are cheaper cards but i figured those two might be the best for you, the second one isn't made for a slim case the top 5450 comes with a free slim case bracket. You might not hear much about PowerColor but i got my 5770 from them and its great, drivers were easy to find too.
  5. I would check out the cards i posted, its cheaper than buying a new mobo, unless your planning to upgrade/replace anyways. And they are both passive the 4350 and 5450 so they should be dead quiet.
  6. Malmental and i seem to have the same idea, there isn't much you can do other than what i mentioned though, there ins't away to OC your onboard. You could try running Windows with Aero off i think that was mentioned already though. 35 or 50 bucks isn't half bad considering the performance change from a 3200
  7. Yeah, I think I'll try running in 720p, since most of my media will be divx or DVD and get a new card when I get a blu ray drive for it. It's running pretty solid at 1368x728 or whatever that is via d sub. I'll just disable the 1080 profile in catalyst for now. The 5000 series looks pretty nice for the money, and its ddr3. I found out also with that little case that a 120mm fan wedges in perfect where the hdd rail is to exhaust the heat and just mount my hdd under the optical since I don't have to worry about using a floppy in that spot. Thanks for the help everyone.
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