I couldn't see this having been previously posted so here goes - and I'm sorry if I missed it!!

I have a Satellite Toshiba Pro A60 that keeps rebooting and giving me a message telling me that there's an infinite loop error with ati2dvag driver. I have looked this up online, and apparently it is a common issue; and I have tried uninstalling and re-installing the display driver, downloading and installing the most recent driving... I tried looking for CPU to VGA under the System Devices in Device Manager but couldn't see anything...

This was a minor issue when it might have happened once or twice a day but so far today it's happened in excess of 20 times!! Please HELP!!!

Satellite Toshiba Pro A60
Intel Celeron D
CPU 2.93Ghz
704MB of RAM (apparently)
MS Windows XP Home (5.1.2600 SP 2 build 2600)


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  1. For now get into Safe mode and uninstall the ATi Display drivers. Since you are having problems with the ATi driver I would recommend heading over to the Toshiba website go to downloads and find the ATi Display Driver for your system. If for some reason you cant find it there or it doesnt solve the problem try the drivers located here These are the latest drivers (2004) for that card as It is long out dated
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