Random Issue with Computer: Need thoughts.

Hello Community,
I am having an issue with my home built system that I do not understand.

First off, the specs:

Thermaltake Shark Case
Asus P5N-E SLi 650i Mainboard.
Intel Core 2 Duo E5300 2.66/2.66GHZ Processor
Patriot G-series DDR2 PGS24G6400ELK Memory 2x2gb 5-5-5-12-21 1.9V
200GB and 160GB SATA HDDs
Nvidia Geforce 8600GT 256MB (EVGA)
Dynex 400Watt PSU DX-400WPS

Temps and Voltages and Other information:

CPU 35/35 Idle 63/60 Load
GFX 41 Idle 67ish Load
Volts (according to Bios)
+3.3 1.39
+5V 4.81-4.84 (Its between the two when I check it)
+12V 12.22
+5VVH 4.92
VBAT 3.10

The computer passed Prime95's 100% load torture test for 4 passes with no issues (it turned off once, but It turned out the heatsink was loose as I had just reinstalled it)

The issue its self.

If I load a game, and it can be any game, the age don't matter much, for this case we'll use battlefield 2 Bad company.

Loading the game, It will studder, the mouse and use devices will "Freeze" on and off every couple of seconds, but the game its self will still be running and moving. the sound will also fuzz in and out with a static type noise. It will get worse in some cases if i move the mouse really fast, or if i press keys on the keyboard. I ordered a new Galaxy Geforce GTX 465 1GB and a OCZ mod Xtreme 750 Watt PSU and Im wondering if you think this will fix the issue? I can upload a DX Diag if you would like, just let me know. I need some input as this issue is annoying. (in other news, WoW works pretty much fine, some times the sound will fuzz a little, but It wont generally freeze the usb stuff, the only game like this)
The menu of battlefield is fine until im in game, but if I load Dungeon siege III the menu does it and the game runs fine for the most part? this is %^%^ any ideas?
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  1. Well, I think that you will probably fix this as I suspect it being the power supply. However, it is a very strange thing. It seems like perhaps the PSU is giving off noise (electrical) under load. This would account for the sound getting fuzzy. Also check that the cable to your speakers is not an issue.

    Try playing some sounds (music?) and wiggling the cable (gently) if this also produces the fuzzy sound then its probably just a bad connection. Also try routing the cable as far away from the PSU as possible. This doesn't account for the freezing of your USB however. Are they front panel ones? I think a lot of noise could disrupt the data if it is using a header and wires through the case. If they are your rear ones then it would be less likely.

    Anyway, if you have new kit coming then I think it will sort it out. Let us know if it does. Cheers!
  2. They are actually the 4 on the back, they are using 10% bandwidth and 23 % bandwidth. Incidentally, I plugged in a 2 port usb card I had laying around, and I was able to play BFBC2 Without the mouse freezing or keyboard (plugged into that card) but my sound, still hooked up to the back port (USB headsets, but if I plug speakers into my alc883 hd audio it fuzzes out also) the sound will get fuzzy, than it will turn off, than come back on, its like the device doesn't know what to do, someone mentioned IRQ collision, and I'm beginning to think that's the case, as my computer is normal when its not under load pretty muc, but when it gets busy, my usb starts its cut in and out.

    Heres my IRQ layout, do you think my system ACPI is just picking a bad IRQ for my devices or perhaps my power supply isn't putting out enough power for my USB and X items to share?

    *Added in USB Card.
    ** Onboard USB

    (ISA) 0 High precision event timer
    (ISA) 8 High precision event timer
    (ISA) 9 Microsoft ACPI-Compliant timer
    (ISA) 13 Numeric data processor
    (PCI) 16 Jmicron JMB36X Controller
    (PCI) 16 Nvidia Geforce 8600GT
    (PCI) 16 *ULI PCI toUSB open host controller
    (PCI) 17 *ULi USB 2.0 Enchanced Host controller
    (PCI) 18 *ULi PCI to USB Open Host controller
    (PCI) 19 *ULi PCI to USB Open host Controller
    (PCI) 21 Nvidia nFORCE Serial ATA Controller
    (PCI) 21 **Standard OpenHCD USB Host Controller
    (PCI) 23 Nvidia Network bus enumerator
    (PCI) 23 **Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller

    It could be from a variety of sources, the most obvious two are the GPU and PSU. You can rule-out most USB issues by unplugging the USB headers on the MOBO. Ideally, the best is to use a PS/2 Keyboard.

    Often a bad PSU renders 'bizarre' behavior when the CPU/GPU is under stress.

    IMO - PSU if USB is ruled-out.
  4. Headers are unplugged and my new Fermi 465 and OCZ Mod Xtreme are on the way, so well see :) if not, I'm gonna chalk it up as the board is bull$%$% and just replace it. I already had to RMA this board because the audio jacks wouldn't recognize anything plugged into them. (sent brand new board, not remanned, Diff, serial numbers)
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