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Power supply issue

I bought a Lancool K-62 to upgrade my computer last week and I was transferring the components from my old case. I ziptied the bulk of the power cords since my case was tiny and air circulation was really bad. When I cut the ziptie I accidently cut off one wire.

I was wondering if its still safe to use this power supply, its only one cut black wire. I don't exactly know how to explain it, but the cut wire is part of a "group" thats has 2 4 pins and 2 SATA connectors.

Can I just stop using that "group" of wires and use the other ones? Or can I try soldering it together with zinc and tape it?

Thx for any help
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  1. its fine to repair it, if you know how, otherwise, wrap it up with electrical tape and don't use it - the main point being, not to harm yourself, not let it touch components/ case
  2. I know how to solder these things together, its just that I only have zinc available and I don't know if that's safe for the power supply.

    Thanks, I just leave it alone for now. Besides, I still need to get an 20 pin extension cable since the PSU is now on the bottom.
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    The black wire is a ground wire. You can safely patch and tape it, then use it.
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