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Should be a pretty simple question for a lot of you, my system is as follows

Mobo :- msi g54 870a
CPU :- 955 BE 4.0Ghz
GPU :- 7970
Ram (current) 4gb mushkin enhanced
My Machine is dominantly a gaming rig.

I want to upgrade to 16GB of ram, which would be the best choice for me?
Should I go with standard 1333mhz ram, or maybe something higher? would I see the benefit? I don't mind paying 50-80£ on some good ram as long as it warrents it, still recommend more pricey ram if you think I would see the weight in gold (absolute max £100)

Many thanks guys!
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  1. there is small improvement in games when using faster ram, you will see 5 fps increase maybe
    go with 1333 or 1600 and make sure to bump the ram voltage a little bit as you will be running more ram sticks so it will need more power to be stable
  2. Not sure if this makes a difference to your recommendation but I would plan to remove my current ram and just use 2 brand new sticks of 2x8gb.
  3. i wouldn't get les than 1600 - depending on what you have now, you might want to get 2x8GB sticks

    assuming you are running 64 bit Windows Home Premium or better
  4. I also thing using 2x8gb 1600mhz ram would be the best way to go about this. And you don't need any of the fancy heat spreaders unless you find a good deal since you won't be overclocking your ram (im assuming).

    Also, you should probably go for 1.5v ram (as opposed to 1.65v).
  5. I am happy to overclock my Ram if there were any benefit, apparently 1600 ram is 1333 by default and needs to be overclocked to get the 1600mhz (citation needed)

    I have a 750Watt PSU, good quality grade as well so not likely to go bust on me any time soon, what makes you suggest a 1.5v ram over 1.65?
  6. I don't see your OS listed anywhere. If you are using a 32 bit OS, then anything over 4 gig is a waste. You need a 64 bit OS to take advantage of over 4 gigs.
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