Dell mobo is broken, new mobo for q6600 or upgrade?

hey there. Well i have been wanting to build a new system, but have to wait tell next year. I was cleaning my dell computer and decided to take a look at the batch number on the cpu and took it out. I'm not new with computers so i thought nothing of it. Well, i somehow got a little piece of paper or something on the cpu pins and proceeded to clean it out and just barely touched a pin and bent it...well..2. And when i was checking for heat from the video card my finger touched a fan blade while it was running right before i shut it off and broke a fin.....great night eh? So here is my question. I have a q6600 GO stepping and the batch is L830A266 if that matters. I have 4gb samsung ddr 2 800, and a Radeon HD4830 512mb. I need to know if I should just buy a new mobo and heatsink and overclock it, buy an after market fan for the asus card. I hate to waste this stuff. I am also looking to upgrade the video next year anyway, but even overclocked will the money be worth the upgrade with this cpu...will it bottle neck the new cards? I have read some on the gts 460 and some with my setup overclocked are not getting a huge increase on games....not really sure where i should put the money. I am limited on funds so a complete build isnt possible tell next year. If it isnt worth it i'll just get a cheap board to replace the dell one and leave it all alone..and i guess replace the fan on the asus card.

thanks for any advice!
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  1. I'de buy a cheap 775 board, and go fro, there. If it was your cpu that went bad, I would say replace your mobo and move on, but the cpu is the more expansive component here, so...
  2. I realized it was a bit of jumbled info before so sorry for that. I have a studio 540. I have added an hd4830 back after i bought it myself right when they came out because it was the best card i could use without replacing the psu. Its only a 350 watt so overclockin is out of the question with it as well. I can buy a cheap mobo to replace the dell board. But i want to konw if spending an extra 100-150 on better heatsink fan, new psu, case and anything else i might need to overclock the Q6600 i have is worth it in the long run. Or should i just replace the dell board and not mess with overclocking and upgrade the whole platform next year after all the new stuff comes out?

    I dont really care about keeping the dell case. I bought this system because it was the only way i could at the time with the dell account and It came with a 24" monitor for only 50 extra. I Got the q6600, 4gb ddr2 800, 500gb hd, 24in monitor for 750 back right before the hd4830's came out.....I always had the intention of wanting to upgrade parts and overclock, but since it has taken this long I am not sure if i need to invest much into this system and just build from the ground up next year after new cpu's come out.

    Does an overclocked q6600 (3.0-3.6) still perform good enough to keep up with the current stuff? Also how does it do with sli or it a bottle neck for the newest cards?
  3. yeah, I would just replace the motherboard as the CPU is still pretty decent. Should overclock to at least 2.7 ghz with no voltage increase and minimal heat increase. 3ghz+ with some more voltage and better cooling,
  4. > 3ghz+ with some more voltage and better cooling,

    Not necessarily: we use one of the pre-set Overclock Profiles
    in the BIOS for our ASUS P5W64 WS Professional workstation,
    and no voltage increases are needed for SpeedStep to
    increase the Q6600 Core Speed to 3.0 GHz (333 MHz x 9).

    A good third-party HSF is a must, however.

    We often recommend this LGA775 bolt-thru-kit
    which works very well with Intel's stock heatsink and fan: (only $5 USD)

    Intel's stock heatsink and fan are very well designed:
    it's the stupid push-pins that are defective,
    particularly in the absence of a proper backing plate.

    The $5 part above fixes this problem completely.

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