2x HD5870 crossfire high temps

Hello everyone, hope you guys are having a great summer...

Well on topic now, I have the following problem, having in account that temperatues where I live atm are 35 C - 95 F indoors, my dual ASUS 5870s V2 crossfire setup has been idling at 53-58 C (on the main card) untill recently that has gone up to 71C after adding a second monitor to the display port on the main card so I can do design work more confortably on windows.

Its important to note that OVERDRIVE is not activated.

Gaming LOAD temps have not varied but this second monitor makes idling temps a bit ridiculous imho (fan speeds are usualy at 24% or so whilst idling). Load temps being 75-85 C depending on game and game time.

My specs are the following :

Noctua NH-D14
SilverStone Fortress FT02
Asus P6X58D Premium Socket 1366
Corsair 1000HX - 1000w
ASUS HD 5870 v2 x2
Samsung HD103SJ 1 TB x2
Asus PCE-N13 (Wifi)
LG 22x GH-22NS
Corsair PC3-12800 DDR3 1600 6GB x2
Intel Core i7 930

What are your thoughts on this?? COuld it be a PSU problem, a mobo design failure?? (the mobo is really nice but the space in between both GPUs is literally like 0.2 cms) I really dunno what to do!!

Is this really hot summer gonna burnout my brand new RIG (2 months old)

Thanks so much in advance for your help
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  1. 85C is fine for load temps, I've found that the AUTO fan profile lets the temps get quite high before ramping up the fan speed.

    If your worried then go into CCC and enable manual fan control and put the fan speed to 40%.
  2. 2 5870's (already an extremely hot card) in crossfire and your suprised?
  3. crank the damn fan up
  4. Adding another monitor very likely increased the idle clocks which is causing the higher temps. I'd say download MSI Afterburner and set a fan profile to set the fans higher.
  5. ^ he can already do that from CCC
  6. right click the desktop and click "Catalyst Control Center" and then choose "ATI Overdrive" and from there click the lock and then the checkbox and you can manually adjust your fan speed, i like to do this when ive played for a few hours and set the fan speed at 100% for some minutes to drop the temp. its a very good tool, also your cards are built to work on maximum 105C.
  7. wiinippongamer said:
    ^ he can already do that from CCC

    Hmm not really. In CCC you can set it to a specific speed but in Afterburner you can set a profile so that at certain temps it's at a certain speed. In this way you can keep the fan quiet at reasonable temps and then ramp it up how and when you like. My fan stays under about 50% up to around 65C and then ramps up fast to be at 80% at 80C so that it never overheats. It's just a more precise fan management.
  8. Hey Guys,

    Just got back, thanks so much for all the input, I think I am going to download Afterburner and set up a nice profile for my setup for the summer.

    Thanks again for all the attention and good advice!

    Problem I am seeing atm with CCC is that if I set fan speed to 30% its gonna be at 30% even if the house is onfire so yeah, MSI sounds like something to try out!

    Thanks again for all the attention and good advice!
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