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I have a ultra 750w psu and I want to know if I need a better psu with what I'm running 2- 200mm fans - / 1- 120 mm / mobo, 4 gigs ram 4890 xoc and putting in another 4890 xoc today running crossfire, - my real consern is my crossfire, I dont know how much wattage the each pull, I tried resech but so far no luck. thanks and God bless
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    How old is the unit? What CPU are you using? How many SATA devices?

    You'd really do better to just give us a list of all the parts you currently have in your build. My gut feeling is that it's not powerful enough, but that's mainly a guess from the lower quality of the unit and the fact that older cards require a lot of power.
  2. 2- 200mm fans - / 1- 120 mm / mobo, 4 gigs ram 4890 xoc, ultra u12 cpu fan, phenom 2x4 940 be 3ghz / seagate 1 tb harddrive lg dvd rom. and gonna but another 4890 xoc in crossfire (what I was thinking is that if anything I'll take out my dvd play and or a fan to use up less power) what you think in all?
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