Adding Sata Drivers to Windows XP

I have a Gigabyte M57SLi motherboard working with XP. I want to add SATA drivers to support a new drive. Can I do this without re-installing Windows?
All help much appreciated
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  1. Hi Jon,

    Your MB has 6 SATA II 3Gb/s ports coming directly off the NVIDEA southbridge, so when you instaled the chipset drivers way back when, you should have access to all of them right now.

    Check in your BIOS on the standard CMOS page, and what may be confusing is all the drive devices are listed as IDE drives. You need to list which HDD has first boot priority, but the BIOS assigns your PATA and your SATA drives to these IDE channels automatically. It's confusing but Parallel ATA and Serial ATA are both types of IDE (Integrated Device Electronics). Every one asks.

    You should be fine to add 1 or more SATA II drives as secondary drives whenever the spirit, or spirits move you!
  2. Reinstalling Windows was the method of deciding to use the AHCI drivers after you've installed Windows. If it's AHCI drivers you're actually asking about, then you either have to reinstall Windows or edit a value in registry to make Windows search for the AHCI drivers again. To do that, just install your ahci drivers while in Windows and then follow the instructions here:

    If it's just SATA drivers to be able to use your new drive that you're asking about, then just like john_VanKirk said, the SATA drivers were installed when you installed your Nvidia chipset drivers way back when and you don't need to do anything but install the drive.
  3. Thank you both. That's very helpful. It's my partner's computer and she is away over the weekend. So I will complete the job then.

    I have a follow-up question. Can I clone the old IDE drive to shift the whole existing Windows setup to the new disk? The machine currently boots from the IDE drive which is quite old so I would rather use that one as backup - aside from the new one being bigger. Or is it simpler to reinstall XP, even with all the pain of copying outlook files and reloading applications etc.

    I have Partition Magic Version 8, quite old, but it seems to work. It looks as if I could do the job by copying the partition. Does anyone know if there are any pitfalls to this. I assume that having copied it I would have to make the BIOS point to the new disk as boot disk.

  4. You should be fine just copying the partition from the IDE to the SATA drive, especially with XP. If the XP install is running good, just copy an image of the old drive to the new drive. If you know of any weird issues with her current install of XP though, then a reinstall would just be the better idea as you'll probably have to do it later down the road anyway and right now it's not an emergency lol.

    If the install is just dandy, then just clean it up by deleting temp files, cookies and other cleanup tasks and it'll save you time in the image creation and restoration as you'll be deleting alot of useless data. You can do it all manually or use Ccleaner from to perform the tasks. I use it alot and I like it. Once the image is moved to the new drive, just set the new drive as the boot drive in BIOS as you assumed and you should be good to go.

    Once you boot into the new drive, check the partition size on the new drive. Since her new drive is bigger, Partition Magic might make the partition on the new drive the same as the old drive and you'll have unallocated space left on the new drive that you can then use Parition Magic to combine that unallocated space into the current partition and make it bigger. Or, Partition Magic will give you the option to adjust the destination partition size at the time of restoring the image. I haven't used Partition Magic in years so I can't remember exactly.
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