ST50F ES and Neo Eco

Between the Silverstone ST50F ES (essentials version, recently released 2010 three months back)
and Antec Neo ECO 520C

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500W "SilverStone" ST50F-ES (Strider, Essentials) :o I can purchase this for 70AUD

>12v @ 34 Amps, Heavy and lots of Copper Heatsinks inside
>Good Quality, Good package

<not as well known? less brand power?

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Antec Neo ECO 520C :o I can purchase the unit for 72AUD

>12v @ 40 Amps, Antec
<sometimes too much draw on 12v line = less regulation in the review

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About Who Makes them (DRAMA!!)


Both are recommended on
with the silverstone sorta, its the ST50F recommended and not the ST50F-ES (essentials) version

Which do you guys recommend me to buy, for a p4 3.0 running
3 X ddr 1 556mb,
9600gt Nvidia PCI-e,
and 5 case fans?

if not, recommend me a good psu for 70AUD in adelaide Australia

THanks a lot in advance! :)

ps:no fanboys plz, just plain old logic plz :)
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  1. The antec is a bit better.and so are the manufacturers seasonic for the antec and fsp for the silverstone.seasonic is one of the best while fsp are capable but not are good as seasonic
  2. thanks for the reply, whats fsp?
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